Having top restaurants offering you the sweep of Czech cuisine is nigh on obligatory for any self-respecting inhabitant of Prague. But if you’ve had enough of Svíčková sirloin steak in a cream sauce or duck with sauerkraut, Prague can also whet your appetite with a plethora of delectable flavours from around the world.


Casa de Carli’s warm, homely atmosphere makes you feel as if you are in your very own Italian residence. Seasonal ingredients straight from Italy, home-made bread and pasta and delicious meat and fish dishes… what more can you wish for?

CASA DE CARLI, Vězeňská 5, Prague 1, Phone: +420 224 816 688,


Last year for its 15th anniversary The Sushi Bar presented entirely new dishes and unique types of sushi. These have since become part of its offer. Do not miss this chance to sample both raw and cooked saltwater and freshwater fish of a high international culinary standard!

THE SUSHI BAR, Zborovská 49, Prague 5, Phone: +420 603 244 882,


Established in 1995, Miyabi is Prague’s oldest Japanese restaurant. It is also one of the very few Japanese restaurants outside Japan that has membership of the Tokyo Sushi Association. You can be sure you will savour the very best sushi!

MIYABI, Navrátilova 10/664, Prague 1, Phone: +420 296 233 102,


Asian cuisine is not just about Chinese specialities and sushi. Against the backdrop of El Emir’s oriental décor you are acquainted with the western side of this expansive continent. Lebanese specialities feature fresh ingredients and fresh fish.

EL EMIR, Václavské nám. 846/1, Prague 1, phone: + 420 739 529 855, 224 281 099,


It is not deemed a house of French gastronomy without reason – under its roof you discover a delicatessen, patisserie, bakery, confectionery, wine shop and a widely acclaimed brassiere with an Alsatian wine cellar offering the most delectable French cuisine.

LA GARE, V Celnici 3, Prague 1, Phone: +420 222 313 712,


Quiet ambience in central Prague with delightful Cantonese cooking and sushi delicacies? You must mean China Fusion, where every dish is prepared from fresh ingredients. Choose from a rich and exclusive offer of Asian beverages along with French and Chilean wines. 

CHINA FUSION MILLHOUSE SUSHI, Na Příkopě 22 (Slovanský dům), Prague 1, Phone: +420 221 451 771,


Chef Riccardo Lucque has opened one epicurean paradise after another in Prague! This bistro serves up genuine Italian breakfasts, lunches and dinners, with a take-away option on the whole range. Enhance your experience by purchasing the most exquisite delicacies. 

LA BOTTEGA EXPRESS, Sokolovská 17 (Pasáž Oasis Florenc), Prague 8, Phone: +420 255 711 839,