Epicures can look forward to a delectable winter in Prague thanks to a flurry of new arrivals on the restaurant scene. Here we present six promising newcomers.


This new establishment, comprising a beautifully appointed restaurant and a bistro looking onto the open kitchen, belongs to Aromi – a hallmark of fine Italian cuisine and a perennial star on the Czech dining scene. Acclaimed chef Riccardo Lucque will ensure your satisfaction.

AROMI, Nám. Míru 6, Prague 2, phone: +420 222 713 222, www.aromi.cz


Savour long-forgotten recipes revitalised by the chefs of the Eska restaurant and bakery. Here fresh, nutritious and unconventional ingredients meet traditional preparations such as poaching, fermentation and wood-fired cooking. Try the poached catfish with cauliflower and dill or the honey charlotte.

ESKA, Pernerova 49, Prague 8, phone: +420 731 140 884, www.eska.ambi.cz


A singular ambience, accommodating staff and a French chef aspiring for a Michelin star… Adore offers supreme delicacies such as escargot, lobster, foie gras, scallops, duck and pigeon.

ADORE, Ovocný trh 12, Prague 1, phone: +420 225 092 900, www.adorerestaurant.cz


It’s rare for a cocktail bar to offer a full dinner menu. Typically, you should eat something before pulling up a stool. The Prolog Bar has different ideas. Try its original selection of cocktails, then order caviar, oysters or a “golden” burger. 

PROLOG BAR, Nádražní 57/108, Prague 5, phone: +420 775 005 007, www.prologbar.cz


The Prague quarter of Vinohrady is known for its restaurants, bars and cafés. A new arrival in the vicinity is this wine bar geared towards lovers of French wines. Enjoy celebrated names such as Pierre Richard, Gerard Depardieu and Gustave Lorentz, to name but a few… 

PAVILLON DU VIN, Mánesova 87, Prague 2, www.wineclub.cz


Do you enjoy Asian cuisine? A unique dining concept has recently opened in the centre of Prague. This is a temple for food lovers, blending the rich flavours and aromas of Asia’s most distinguished cuisines. Divided into four sections, connected by two bars, it truly is an exotic experience. 

ASIAN TEMPLE, Bílkova 13, Prague 1, phone: +420 222 311 659, www.asiantemple.cz