Where would the world be without coffee?! Imagine all those unrealised inventions, unsigned agreements and unwritten books… In Prague the coffee is as black as night and the pastries as sweet as sin.


A long history of distinguished guests, a delicious menu and a Prague Belle Epoque interior – that is the Café Imperial, one of Prague’s most venerable and visited grand cafés. Sit back and enjoy this refined setting, once favoured by the likes of Franz Kafka and Leoš Janáček .

CAFÉ IMPERIAL, Na Poříčí 15, Prague 1, phone: +420 246 011 440,


The House of the Black Madonna is a showpiece of cubist architecture in the centre of Prague. Also conceived in cubist vein is the first floor café. Its unique ambience should not be missed. It is, after all, the world’s only cubist café!.

GRAND CAFÉ ORIENT, Ovocný trh 19, Prague 1, phone: +420 224 224 240,


Opera lovers retire across the street to Café Slavia to review the night’s performance over coffee and cake. For others, Slavia is a cherished Prague rendezvous and the former haunt of both Jan Zrzavý and Václav Havel. Historic buildings and sights can be viewed from the café windows and you’ll enjoy delicious coffee too.

KAVÁRNA SLAVIA , Smetanovo nábřeží 2, Prague 1, Phone: +420 224 218 493,


Prague’s grand cafés pride themselves on their longevity and the Louvre is no exception. Since it was established in 1902 the café has been a focus for the city’s elite. In the past you might have come across Albert Einstein or Karel Čapek, today it is a hub for artists and creative talents.

CAFÉ LOUVRE, Národní 22, Prague 1, phone: +420 608 280 069,


There’s no limit to the joys of French cuisine and that’s true even in Prague. In this small café in the city centre you can sample all the flavours of France, savoury and sweet. The appealing interior evokes the ambience of a traditional French bistro. 

AU GOURMAND, Dlouhá 10, Prague 1, phone: +420 602 682 189,


A grand café with a modern design was lacking in Prague until 2010. Now you can savour Café B Braun’s delicious coffee, desserts and refined cuisine in elegant premises created by Studio Najbrt and interior designer Eva Jiříčná. The pairing was awarded the Grand Prix of Architects 2011.

CAFÉ B BRAUN, Lékařský dům, Sokolská 31, Prague 2, phone: +420 224 282 792,


At a time when we seem to be constantly online and fear we could be monitored by almost anyone, we all seek refuge and respite. For some this is a café inspired by the Anonymous movement – here is where you can finally switch off.

ANONYMOUS COFFEE, Jugoslávská 15, Prague 2, phone: +420 608 280 069,

Pepe Lopez small