Japan’s flavour, Provence’s romance, Arabia’s aromas… Soho restaurant is one of the few places in the bustle of Prague where you can truly relax as if on holiday.

A hot day, sun blasted windows in your office and the only thought is where to spend that warm summer evening after work. Prague’s best kept secret for a holiday-like sense of peace and comfort after work or during the weekends is Soho restaurant in podolí. Let’s list its advantages: firstly, it is outside of the city centre, away from the tourist hordes, instead you’ll be mixing with those who are “in the know”. Another instantly apparent plus – the restaurant’s appealing checked layout. The place brims with energy! The interior has white, grey and creamy hues. Your eye is first drawn by the designer tables, chairs and flower decorations invoking a nostalgia that brings a romantic sigh in a woman whilst elating the man in her company…  This is the place to spend your wedding day. But let’s not jump ahead, first there’s the patio with its Vltava view, dominated by two canopy beds on either side. Reserve a bed, lie down, contemplate, drink champagne, do as you please, pamper yourself like a king. Looking for a good meal? Try dining in the more usual fashion – it’s a bit more practical. Soho is a relaxing place and, especially, a first class restaurant offering so much it’s difficult to choose. Every week sees a special menu sourced from seasonal ingredients. Asparagus alternates with chanterelles which, in turn, make room for pumpkin. Choose from three starters, an equal number of main courses and, naturally, there is a dessert. 

More decisions await those preferring Japanese cuisine. The menu includes soups, salads, tempura, nigiri, maki and sashimi as well as the popular sets of dishes for groups. People dining with friends that have similar tastes should certainly not overlook the sushi offer at Soho.
Chop sticks bring you closer together and wasabi breaks the ice. If you prefer hotly prepared meat, fish and seafood, then take your pick from the à la carte menu. We warmly recommend this invigorating soup – shrimp bisque with a tomato concassé, chilli and coriander in coconut milk. Enjoy its exotic, slightly spicy flavour during summer with bread baked in Soho which can also be gluten-free. If you simply prefer something light, just before midnight chef Petr Kunc grills octopus with spicy cuscus and chorizo yoghurt. There is plenty for meat-lovers. Try a sous-vide lamb saddle with a potato terrine and aubergine caviar caressing your taste buds. Perhaps something more exotic than just a dessert to consummate your dinner? Soho is the only restaurant in the Czech Republic that has original Medussa Design water pipes for smoking sisha. The staff fill a vessel with a cocktail that adds an aroma of citruses, coconut or vanilla to your smoking experience.
Weekends at Soho are a much loved retreat for families with kids. Experienced au-pairs take care of the little ones whilst you enjoy brunch. During weekdays the restaurant is a perfect venue for pleasant dining with friends, business partners will also appreciate its relaxed atmosphere. Several days a year – usually a Friday or Saturday – the restaurant closes its doors to all but a few. Soho then welcomes brides, grooms and their wedding guests. Weddings tend to be unforgettable at Soho – just as most things that transpire here, as it happens.

If there is one rebuke it is: why open only until midnight?

SOHO restaurant & garden, Podolské nábřeží 1, Prague 4, phone: 244 463 772,,