We invite you to these acclaimed Prague restaurants that offer the best in Czech cuisine, using fresh ingredients to create perennial favourites such as roast duck, steak tartare and potato pancakes. 


With the arrival of a new chef comes a new menu. At Augustine, Marek Fichter offers a seasonal menu combining favourites such as roast beef tenderloin and steak tartare alongside game specialities including wild boar stewed in red wine and plums with a Carlsbad dumpling.

Hotel & restaurant The Augustine, Letenská 12/ 33, Prague 1, phone: +420 266 112 280,


In Průhonice, a village 12 km outside of Prague, the gourmet restaurant Hlíněná bašta modestly resides in a half-timbered brick building. Enjoy a three-course lunch beginning with a traditional Czech soup, followed by either stuffed turkey or roast goose, rounded off with delicious bilberry dumplings.

Hliněná Bašta, Újezdská 619, Průhonice, phone: +420 272 690 700, +420 272 690 531,


In the five-star Hilton Prague you will find a restaurant serving international cuisine with a Czech emphasis. The offer includes an impressive selection of Czech beers, best enjoyed with a dinner of golden-brown roasted pork shank with sauerkraut. Czechhouse is Bohemia on a plate!

CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie, Hilton Prague, Pobřežní 1, Prague 8,  phone: +420 224 842 700,,


Imagine yourself at a hearty medieval feast being served an array of fine meats and generous quantities of wine. This is the world you will encounter at U Pavouka where the excellent potato cakes, pork shank, duck and roasted sausages in black beer come highly recommended.

Krčma U Pavouka − MEDIEVAL TAVERN, Celetná 17, Prague 1,  phone: +420 777 015 000,,


In the centre of Prague near the Prašná Brána (Powder Tower) there stands another imposing tower – Jindřišská. Step inside and you will discover a restaurant that offers amazing views, a romantic atmosphere and excellent cuisine. Traditional Czech recipes made with game, beef or lamb accord perfectly with your surroundings. 

Romantic restaurant Zvonice, Prague 1, Jindřišská, Jindřišská věž, phone: +420 224 220 009,,


As the name of the restaurant (The Blue Duck’s) suggests, here you can enjoy duck meat in all manner of ways. Whole birds, duck legs, breasts, roasted or as you choose. The restaurant also offers game, beef and pork.

U Modré Kachničky, Nebovidská 6, Prague 1 – Malá Strana, phone: +420 257 320 308, 602 353 559,,


Originally a wine cellar, Svatá Klára is now a place where you can savour both Czech and international delicacies. The Czech degustation menu includes duck terrine, trout and a superb roast leg of rabbit.

Restaurant Svatá Klára, U Trojského zámku 35, Prague 7, phone: +420 233 540 173,


Cartouche is a stone’s throw from the busy Pařížská shopping avenue and a perfect place to relax. Treat yourself to nourishing fare such as confit duck with sauerkraut, roast suckling pig or steak tartare. Your “tavern” experience will be enhanced by the smell of meat cooking on an open fire.

Cartouche, Bílkova 14, Prague 1, phone: +420 224 819 597,,